Wednesday, December 2, 2009

House of LEDs

1) Super Bright T10

Usage: Small Beam Bulbs for Headlamps, Side Signal Lamps, No Plate Light, Trunk Light

Price: RM20 onwards per Pair
Warranty: 6 Months

Colours available: White, Amber, Pink, Purple, Red, Green, Blue

2) Rigid Led Strip

Usage: No Plate Light, In-Car Cabin Light, Underneath Car Light, Display Meter and Many More

Selling Price: RM 60 per 30 cm

LED Signal Bulbs

Selling Price: RM130 per pair with 6 months warranty

H4 LED Angel Eye

Selling price: RM50 per pair

Dimming Roof LED

Usage: Roof LED
Selling Price: RM50

NOTE: All the LED Products are Made in Malaysia. LEDs are imported from Taiwan. 6 months warranty is provided for all the items above.

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